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Security Issue


Bank of Communications Trustee Limited ("Company") has adopted SSL encryption to all data transmitted while you are using "Online Service".


The web site (http://www.bocomtrust.com.hk) of the Company has been certified by VeriSign Inc. Anyone who access "Online Service" can find the certificate information by clicking the little 'lock' or 'key' icon at the bottom of the browser.


For detailed information about VeriSign's certificate and SSL encryption technologies, please refer to the following sites:


For the "Online Service", electronic certificate which signed and issued by the Hongkong Post may be required for verification. For more information, please visit the following website:


You should take appropriate measures to protect your computer system from being inflicted with any computer viruses by using this web site and you are advised to install the most up-to-date anti-virus software into your computer and activate it for this purpose. Downloading software from this web site is at your own risk and we will not assume or accept any liability for any loss or damage (whether direct or indirect), howsoever caused, as a result of any computer viruses arising from your use of this web site.


"Online Service" provides time out function, once the system detects there is no transaction flow for a designated period of time, system will perform logoff automatically so as to limit the risk of unauthorized access to customer's account.


Unique Scheme No./HKID No./Passport No. and password are required to access "Online Service" and the account will be locked if incorrect password has been entered 5 times consecutively in order to protect customers' interest.


Scheme No./HKID No./Passport No. and password


Create a password with a combination of letters and numbers. Do not use the easily guessable password, such as telephone number, birthday, ID number or any personal associated number.


Do not write down or record the password without disguising it.


Do not use the same password in accessing other Internet services.


Do not reveal your password to anyone else (including our staff and police).


Do change your password regularly, such as every 30-day. If you suspect your password has been known by someone else, you may use the Company's prescribed form to request re-setting of your password by the Company. If you have any queries, please call customer service hotline at 223 95559.


None of the employees, agents or representatives of the Company or of any company or organization associated with the Company will not ask for your passwords by e-mail or any other means. Please do not access your internet MPF account through hyperlinks embedded in emails or from other search engines. If you have any queries, please call customer service hotline at 223 95559.


Enter your Scheme No./HKID No./Passport No. and password under secure environment when you are using "Online Services".


Do not access "Online Service" from public places or from shared computers such as those in cyber cafes. You never know what malicious programs might be installed on the PC you use there.


Do click [Logout] button to exit the "Online Service" upon completion of enquiries and/or submitting instructions.