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Privacy Policy

1.     The Company's Pledge

The Company strictly adhere to the requirements set out in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and other law in relation to your and customers' information. In particular, the Company will follow the Data Protection Principles set out in Schedule 1 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.


2.     Collection and use of your information

(a)   Recording your visit

When you visit this Web Site, the Company will mark the record of such visit. Your Internet protocol address and the web sites you have visited will be recorded by the Company for keeping statistics and for the Company to provide you with promotional materials relating to our products or related services. You may choose not to receive such promotional materials by contacting Data Protection Officer of the Company.


(b)   When you use or apply for our services

If you are our customer and are using the Company's services on-line, or if you are applying for the Company's services on-line, the Company may collect information from you. Failure to provide such information to the Company may result in the Company being unable to entertain your application for such services or products. Further, in case you provide such information to the Company over the Internet, you shall bear the associated risks which are set out under Internet Communications in Terms of Use. Also, in addition to carrying out your instructions to the Company or facilitating the process of your application for use of the services provided by the Company, information so collected from you may also be used for purposes set out in the Personal Data Collection Statement.


Other than the above purposes, the Company will not use information collected from you for other purposes unless you have expressly agreed to such purposes.


3.     Protecting your information

(a)   Restriction on disclosure

Data held by the Company relating to a client will be kept confidential but the Company may provide such information to the parties as set out in the Personal Data Collection Statement.


(b)   Data security

The Company only allows its authorized employees to have access to information collected from you to ensure that such information will not be used for unauthorized purpose, or be altered or erased accidentally. The Company also uses encryption technology to protect transmission of your sensitive personal information.


(c)   Retention of information

The Company retains records of all on-line transactions for verification and checking purposes. Such information will not be kept longer than 7 years.