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General Provident Fund Scheme

Important Notes


Investment involves risks and not all investment choices available under Bank of Communications Hong Kong General Provident Fund - Part B (“the GPF”) would be suitable for everyone. There is no assurance on investment returns and your investments / accrued benefits may suffer significant loss.


The BOCOM Guaranteed Fund in the GPF is a capital and return guaranteed fund. Where participation to this fund is less than 36 months, the repayment of capital and return on investment are not guaranteed and the withdrawal values are fully exposed to fluctuations in the value of the fund’s asset. The Bank of Communications Co. Ltd., Hong Kong Branch is the guarantor to this fund. Your investments are therefore subject to the credit risks of the guarantor. Please refer to section D(v) of the Principal Brochure of the GPF for details of the guarantee features and guarantee conditions.


You should consider your own risk tolerance level and financial circumstances before making any investment choices. When, in your selection of funds, you are in doubt as to whether a certain fund is suitable for you (including whether it is consistent with your investment objectives), you should seek financial and / or professional advice and choose the fund(s) most suitable for you taking into account your circumstances.


Please do not solely rely on this website. For further details including the product features, charges and risks involved, please refer to the Principal Brochure of the GPF.

In addition to MPF service, we have been providing a Bank of Communications Hong Kong General Provident Fund - Part B to clients.

Scheme Feature

  • Employer can select various funds provided by the scheme
  • Employee can design their investment portfolio according to the employer's fund choice
  • Employer can decide on
    • Member participation requirement
    • Member retirement age
    • Contribution percentage
    • Terms and conditions of benefit payment (normal / early retirement or ill health, dismissal or redundancy, death, resignation)
    • Calculation of vested portion of the employer's contributions (Years of service for vesting percentage) 


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